Membership conditions The VIP’s

 We encourage you to read these Membership Terms carefully.  In the event that The VIP’s has a valid reason, these Membership Terms may be updated from time to time.  In the event that The VIP’s intends to make changes to the Membership Terms that require your consent, we will contact you.


 Our Personal Data Policy contains information on how we process your personal data and how we protect your privacy when you use the Service.


 You must be 18 years of age or older to use the Service.

 The VIP’s currently offers the following levels of membership in the Service.

 Free membership

 As a free member, you can create a personal presentation on The VIP’s that others can see in our matchfunction.

 VIP membership

 With a VIP membership, you unlock all our functions.

 What does a VIP membership cost?

 You can choose VIP membership with a monthly subscription or with a multi-month subscription.  The VIP's regular prices for VIP membership are:

 - 1 month VIP SEK 39

 - 6 month VIP SEK 99 

 - 12 month VIP SEK 149


 If you have a membership that is free of charge, this applies from the time you download our app or visit our website, fill in the requested information and verify yourself.  If you wish to terminate your membership in the Service, you can do so at any time in settings or by contacting us at the contact information provided below.

 For those memberships that are not free, you can choose between monthly membership or multi-month membership (with a fixed term).  All memberships are paid monthly in advance.  When your membership expires, it is automatically renewed with the option you initially chose.  Monthly membership is renewed one month at a time (ongoing).  Multi-month membership is renewed for the same number of months as the initial contract period (binding period).  In the event of an extension, you will be charged via the same payment method as at your first purchase;  card payment or invoice.

 You can cancel your membership at any time by following the instructions under the menu option Settings / VIP within the framework of the Service.  The payment service then expires the binding period and no automatic renewal of your subscription will take place.  Termination of subscription must take place no later than one day before your Payment Service is automatically renewed.

 In the event that The VIP’s  ceases to conduct business or intends to close down the Service, The VIP’s has the right to terminate your membership with thirty (30) days' notice.  Any compensation paid in advance for the Service will in such cases be refunded to you.

 We have the right to terminate, delete and / or freeze your membership without prior notice to you if you materially or repeatedly violate any provision of these Terms and Conditions (any fee paid for the Service will not be refunded).


 We offer payment via:

 Apple App Store

 When purchasing via the Apple appstore, we refer to Apple's purchase terms.


 Regardless of which membership you buy, you have the right to within fourteen (14) days from the day when the agreement was entered into, ie.  the day of your purchase cancel your purchase (withdrawal period).  The meeting place reserves the right to charge you for the time you have used the Service if you have expressly requested that the Service be started within the withdrawal period, and then choose to exercise your right of withdrawal.  If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you can contact The VIP’s customer service, e.g.  by sending an e-mail to The VIP’s will need to secure your identity and it will therefore be easier if you email from the e-mail address you entered when registering your account in the Service.  Your fee with a deduction 

* for the time you have used the Service will then be refunded by The VIP’s as soon as possible and no later than within fourteen (14) days from the date when The VIP’s received your termination.  In the event that you have not yet paid your invoice, The VIP’s will credit you with a deduction for the time you have used the Service.  A standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal is available here!  Or via the Swedish Consumer Agency's website (

 When purchasing via the Apple appstore, we refer to Apple's purchase terms.

 * The deduction is based on an average of the service's monthly cost per day.


 Your membership is personal and may not be transferred to or used by anyone else.  You are responsible for ensuring that your login details do not fall into the wrong hands.  If you think that someone may have found out your login details, please contact our support.

 You must not break Swedish law and you must follow our rules.  The service may only be used for non-commercial use.  You may not use the Service in such a way that The VIP’s or anyone else suffers inconvenience or damage.  It is not permitted to have more than one membership in the Service and you are responsible for providing truthful information about yourself within the framework of the Service.

 The service may from time to time be completely or partially unavailable due to system maintenance or other reasons.  We will, as far as possible, provide you with information about any restrictions on availability.



VIP coins can be purchased in the app and is ONLY used to send viritual gifts to other members. 

In-app gifts is a one way communication where users can buy for example a viritual teddybear for 30 VIP coins

to send to another user with a text message.

This gift is 100% viritual and can NOT be traded or changed in to real money or anything else.

FIND THE DIAMONDS (viritual in-app contest)

Our in-app contest is available to all users with VIP-membership when there is an active contest.

It is designed to make the app more fun for our users.

Collect diamonds when contest is active (NO REAL MONEY CAN BE WON!)

(Apple is not a sponsor or involved in any matter)



 You have the opportunity to participate directly in the Service e.g.  by creating, displaying selected information, writing your own posts or messages, and uploading images.  Material that you upload to the Service yourself is referred to below as "User-Generated Content".  Note that The VIP’s  does review User-generated content in advance before it is made available to others.  You are responsible for User-generated content.

 You are responsible for ensuring that User-Generated Content does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, e.g.  copyright or trademark law (whether the material as such or your making available) and that it is not in any other way contrary to law or good practice.  You thus guarantee that you hold or have received the necessary rights for use.  This means e.g.  that you guarantee that User-generated content does not contain intellectual property-protected material, such as music, film, image, logo or other material that you are not authorized to use.

 You guarantee that you have ensured that the persons who can be identified in the User-Generated Content (for example in an image or only by their name) are aware of how the material will be used and that they have agreed to participate in the User-Generated Content.

 If it emerges that material that you contribute within the framework of the Service and its functions violates these Membership Terms, law or other rules or if The VIP’s has reasonable reason to believe that this is the case, The VIP’s has the right to remove such material.

 The VIP’s is thus not responsible for the actions, materials or tasks of individual members.  This includes e.g.  but not exclusively if someone has published false information about himself.  We urge you to be careful if you choose to meet someone through the Service.

 The following is not allowed at The VIP’s:

 To enter false information in their user account such as.  gender, age, geographical residence or personal image.

 To publish personal information such as full name, address, e-mail / e-mail reference (eg Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Kik) or telephone number on their user account or on The VIP’s open forum.

 To link to other material, and references to other Internet sites on their personal presentation or on The VIP’s open forum.

 Having more than one user account.

 Use of copyrighted material where the copyright belongs to someone other than you.

 Use of images or text with pornographic content or other explicit sexual allusions.

 Use of rude and offensive language in communication with other members or on The VIP’s open forum.

 Racist statements

 Personal attacks, naming or designating other members without their approval on The VIP’s open forum.

 Use of pictures of children.

 Sale or marketing of paid sexual services.

 Sales of commercial services or goods.

 Activities and acts that violate Swedish law, or incitement to violate Swedish law.

 Copying, dissemination or forwarding of posts, messages or other information available on The VIP’s 

 Harassment or attempted continued contact with other members who have expressly terminated contact with you.

 Dissemination or attempts to disseminate political or religious messages to other members or via The VIP’s open forum.

 Campaigns or criticism of The VIP’s on The VIP’s open forum or via letters to other members.  Criticism of The VIP’s is expressed directly to The VIP’s via e-mail or directly to customer service, so that it can be answered in a factual way.

 Publication of posts, e.g.  text post on wall, which is contrary to The VIP’s membership terms.  The meeting place reserves the right to hide posts.

 If you violate any of the above rules, your user account may be deleted.  This also applies if you are a VIP member.  (VIP fee is non-refundable).  The VIP’s also has the right to refuse new membership to the people who have previously had their account deleted.  The VIP’s reserves the right to obtain the necessary information to be able to substantiate or dismiss suspicions of violations of these rules.  During such an investigation, The VIP’s may block the member's access to the service.  The VIP’s decides after completion of the investigation, in each individual case, what possible measures are to be taken.  These measures may in serious cases include reporting to the police and permanent suspension from service.

 The following laws are to be regarded as relevant to the Internet and consequently also have an impact on The VIP’s operations:

 Act 1960: 729 on copyright

 Criminal Code 1962: 700 incitement

 Criminal Code 1962: 700 incitement against ethnic group

 Criminal Code 1962: 700 child pornography offenses

 Criminal Code 1962: 700 illegal depiction of violence

 Criminal Code 1962: 700 illegal threats

 Criminal Code 1962: 700 harassment

 Criminal Code 1962: 700 defamation

 Criminal Code 1962: 700 pornographic image

 Criminal Code 1962: 700 pornographic text


 Within the framework of the Service, links are provided to partners' websites.  These websites are not controlled by The VIP’s and we are therefore not responsible for the content of a linked website or for webcasts or other types of transmissions that take place from linked websites.


 The VIP’s, or The VIP’s licensor, holds the intellectual property rights to text, image, design and the other materials and information made available to you through your use of the Service.  The same applies to the underlying program code for the Service.  Such material and information may not be used in any way other than within the normal use of the Service.


 You agree that the agreement you have entered into with The VIP’s by accepting the Membership Terms may be transferred to another company that is wholly or partly, directly or indirectly owned by Schibsted ASA or to a third party in connection with a transfer of assets or operations that includes the Service.


 We may at any time and without prior information decide to discontinue the Service or replace the Service with another service.  In such case, we reserve the right to terminate your access to the Service, which will take place after you have received information about this, e.g.  by notification to your registered e-mail address.  Any compensation paid in advance for the Service will in such cases be refunded to you.


 The VIP’s has the right to change the content of the Service or in these Membership Terms from time to time.  To the extent that we make significant changes that require your consent, however, we will obtain such before the change takes effect.  As a clarification, such a change does not take effect until you have approved it.


 Under no circumstances shall The VIP’s be liable for compensation for i) indirect damages, or ii) direct or indirect damages that affect Member as the Member himself has contributed to the damage that he or she claims to have suffered.  For example, The VIP’s shall not be liable for direct or indirect damage suffered by a Member in the event that he / she has failed to comply with these Membership Terms or has not fulfilled them in a correct manner.

 To the extent permitted by applicable law, The VIP’s  hereby disclaims all commitments, warranties, conditions or other provisions (including but not limited to express or implied warranties of quality or fitness) relating to the Websites.

 The VIP’s does not guarantee or stand behind the accuracy or reliability of advice, opinions, opinions or other information, whether it has been made available or distributed via the Services of The VIP’s , The VIP’ partners or Members or anyone else.  Member accepts that they choose to trust advice, opinions, opinions or other information at their own risk.  The VIP’s is not responsible for Members' behavior, either online or offline.  Be careful and use common sense when using the Websites and Services.

 Nothing in these Membership Terms shall limit The VIP’s  liability for death or personal injury caused by The VIP’s negligence, knowingly misleading, or liability for damages that cannot be reduced in accordance with applicable law.


 Swedish law shall apply to the Service and these Membership Terms.  Disputes attributable to the Service or these Membership Terms shall be decided by a Swedish general court.  You can also turn to the General Complaints Board, read more at


 If you have any questions or comments about these Membership Terms, please contact us at:



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